About Us


Aster Alliance is an emerging company in the e-publishing industry. Within a short span of time Aster Alliance made a footprint in the e-publishing business delivering the highest quality output with a low Turn Around Time (TAT) while ensuring long-term sustainability. Aster Alliance believes in quality delivery where creativity & innovation are the buzz words. We put vision to your thoughts and ideas to generate concrete business results. Aster Alliance has grown to become a one-stop destination for your entire e-publishing solutions – our extensive knowledge and expertise is reflected in the ways that we address the exceptional challenges of the industry.

We work in close pace with our clients and our solutions are flexible enough to be customized to meet specific requirements. We have experience and competency to do it all. We have a diverse mix of designers, illustrators and developers specialized in their area of work to support our team in bringing up automation to help carry out the workflow efficiently. We are committed to continuously build upon our deep knowledge base.

Aster Alliance works closely with you, our team will come up with designs that are contemporary, fresh and unique. Designs that best represent your vision and that will help you stand out in this competitive world. We bring a new level of clarity to each engagement. All our eBooks are conceptualized keeping the target audience in mind.

Our Values

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    E-Publishing services

    Aster Alliance offers a comprehensive range of services for E-publishing. Digital publishing has become popular in scientific publishing where distribution is easy and publishers can leverage the power of the internet for additional revenue stream. We are specialized in handling various types of books, magazines and scientific/technical/journals. We also process all the publishing and prepress related services.

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    XML solutions

    Aster Alliance offers XML workflows based on your DTD or schema to deliver structured XML documents along with print ready PDF and E-books. Our services include generating style sheets from client DTD to deliver XML files conforming to DTD and specification at any stage (pageproof/ revision/issue) in the production process. We can also assist you in development of your DTD. All XML content is one hundred percent checked through quality control tools before upload.

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    Our Service is measured by quality. Our commitment towards Quality enables us to deliver solutions that give our customers 'Total Satisfaction'. Strong quality processes are built into every area of work. The quality policy is seen in action through every stage of our production process in a single minded dedication, have contributed to the formulation of this policy.

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    Aster Alliance ensures the highest confidentiality in all its projects. The company conducts a thorough background check on each of its employees. Further, all the employees enter into a discretion and sometimes 'non-compete' agreement.

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