At Aster Alliance, we convert all your books, documents into digital images with the help of our image scanning services. We provide high resolution and faster image scanning services for our clients. We scan the images, store and convert it to any file format as per your requirements and document management systems.

We manage complete book layouts, manuscripts and illustrations and maintain high quality of image cropping and retouching from the supplied inputs for the desired device outputs (ipad, kindle and ADE).

Type of Works

  • Books and book cover
  • Educational, training and reference materials.
  • Magazines and newspapers.

There are specialized areas of illustration, including fashion, medical, scientific and technical illustration.

Our Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of art and artwork production including printing and web.
  • Ability to plan and schedule art productions.
  • Ability to produce finished artwork.
  • Ability to stay focused and strictly follow instructions sent by the client.