Technology & KPO Services

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Aster's customized IT solutions and specialized IT services are designed to complement our customer's business solutions. Leveraging our offshore/onsite delivery capabilities we offer impressive value and quality in our outsourcing services. Our IT outsourcing services are utilized, by our customers, in product development, custom application development, IT management and onsite consulting to succeed in the competitive global environment. Our customer focused planning and our skilled experts have enabled Aster to be the preferred IT outsourcing services partner for all of our customers.

KPO Services

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Skilled based data entry

We provide cost effective solutions to your customized needs in all our services. Our data entry service helps to convert any kind of hard copy sources, hand written materials or any inputs like PDF files and scanned images into the desired data format. We provide our solutions on different types of data input in our services like data processing, data conversion and data mining.

Data Conversion activity will result you in reducing your storage cost for more than 75% as well as it will make the data retrieval very fast and easy..

Data Analysis & Reporting

Every business has data which when collected, stored, cleaned, organized, consolidated, analyzed and interpreted by a trained mind yields valuable insights into the business which helps in making strategic business planning decisions & operations efficiency improvements. However, the volume, complexity and often unstructured nature of the data confound & overwhelm the small businesses who often miss out on discovering the wealth of insight that the data can reveal.

Data analysis comprises of a collection of methods to deal with data/information obtained and the purpose of data analysis is to extract as much information as possible that is pertinent to the subject under consideration. We have several formal methods of analysis which are more or less mutually related and have been successfully applied to most, if not all statistical data.

Reporting of the results will be largely guided by the purpose of the study undertaken and the desired format in which it is specified.

Forms Processing Services

  • Document Scanning
  • Image Analysis
  • Form Alignment
  • Form Identification
  • Form Background Removal
  • Character Field Location
  • Character Segmentation
  • Character Classification
  • Post Processing
  • Manual Correction
  • Indexing and Cataloging

Data Management Services

  • Database Collection
  • Mailing List Development
  • Data Extraction from the web
  • Data Cleansing and Checking