Products and services


Aster offers industry specific products to meet individual business needs, ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into the existing business and start delivering the value they were designed for across the enterprise. Below are some of our products.

Network Simulators :A ultra high-fidelity network evaluation software that predicts performance of wired, wireless and mixed-platform networks. Network Simulators decreases development costs for networking products while providing new levels of planning intelligence for existing networks. They are capable of modeling the most complex of networks and are the fastest, most scalable network simulator in the market. Large model library and powerful development tools help minimize coding time. The Integration Modules provide extensibility that greatly boosts the tool's value as a simulator of communications systems. The solution supports simulation of thousands of network nodes by taking full advantage of the multi-threading capabilities of multi-core 64-bit processors.

Network Emulators : The solution is a wireless emulator that lets you evaluate on-the-move communication networks faster and with more realism than any other emulator. It creates a digital network replica that interfaces with networks in real time, using real applications. Software, hardware, human, and Internet-in-the-loop connections enable ultra-realistic communication over all layers of the network. No more assuming "perfect communications" in your net-centric operations planning

SNMP Manager: Our SNMP Manager is a professional & scalable SNMP manager and network monitoring solution which enables availability and performance control of your networks, systems and smart infrastructures. With our solution you posses a tool with the power of control to monitor your computing resources that guarantees availability and performance to your users. It takes advantage of SNMP protocol in its smallest details to help you be effective and accurate in your daily supervising tasks. It also extends its control by using various protocols such as ICMP and HTTP for WEB server monitoring. Monitoring is made possible by both Windows Graphical User Interface and Internet Browsers. The direct display of your computing resources and of their performance status in the form of color-coded icons and alert messages draws your attention to any fault situations.

Packet Analyzer : The product is a powerful full duplex packet-processing engine built on IntelR advancedIXP series network processor that can be used for analyzing network protocols,aggregation of packets based on user defined filter criteria,application layer analysis in either 100Mbps or 1Gbps.